The vision of The Apostolic Church, All Nations Centre is reaching people transforming lives.

The mission team exists to equip and galvanise the church to get involved in reaching people in the community and transforming their lives through the message of the gospel.

We believe it is God’s desire that no one should perish and He Has also given the church a mandate to go into the world and make disciples.

Missions Activities & Reports

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Mission London 2024 Vision Breakfast

The Vision breakfast is a focal point for mission activities leading to Easter and beyond. These activities are opportunities for all London Churches to engage with the core mission and values of The Apostolic Church.

Here are some of the aspirations:

1. To share the Good News of Jesus
2. To pray with as many people as possible
3. To encourage them to turn to God and pray
4. To note down people’s details accurately
5. To follow them up and get to know them
6. To lead many to Christ
7. To make true disciples
8. To work together with other church congregations
9. To see our area transformed by the Kingdom of God

Building strategically on past years’ efforts, the Turning helps churches collaborate in mission. Like-minded churches across all London boroughs exemplify the spirit of Christ in their unity and love for all.

Our missions work is in partnership with ACUK Reach

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