The vision of The Apostolic Church, All Nations Centre is reaching people transforming lives.

The mission team exists to equip and galvanise the church to get involved in reaching people in the community and transforming their lives through the message of the gospel.

We believe it is God’s desire that no one should perish and He Has also given the church a mandate to go into the world and make disciples.

Getting Involved: Mission England 2022 - The Turning

The Turning April Training

Mission England 2022 is coming. A coordinated evangelistic event is planned for September involving many churches around the nation. We have partnered with The Turning to provide a location for training. The All Nations’ Centre hosted the April 6 training event.

The Easter week provided a practice ground for our members to use the script to reach people in Kennington and across London. Many responded to our approach. Additional training is being planned around the UK, including in the southeast. We recommend signing up for a training course and catching the Fire!

Click here to catch up with ANC News on The Turning.

Our missions work is in partnership with Action Overseas of The Apostolic Church.

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