The vision of The Apostolic Church, All Nations Centre is reaching people transforming lives.

The mission team exists to equip and galvanise the church to get involved in reaching people in the community and transforming their lives through the message of the gospel.

Why We Do It

We believe it is God’s desire that no one should perish and He Has also given the church a mandate to go into the world and make disciples.

The strategy of the mission team is focused on:

1. Message

We believe that the message of the gospel, is the power of God unto salvation and very relevant to the 21 Century. Therefore, we would not dilute the message but declare it with power and clarity.

2. Messengers

We believe that everyone in the church are potential conduits through which the message of the gospel will be communicated to our world, nation and communities. Hence, we are committed to equipping the members through targeted ANCLA training sessions and practical outreach events.

Additionally, we have a One to One outreach initiative called ‘PeoplePoint’. This is a
weekly one to one interactions with people in the community we have made contacts with during
outreach events.

3. Methodology

We believe that the message of the gospel is the same, however, we look for contemporary and creative way of communicating the gospel. We have several ways of reaching out to the community; through activities such as our annual mission event that includes a family fun day where members of the community can come and hangout with other people in the community.

Getting Involved

You can get involved in the mission strategy by:

  1. Participating in mission outreach programmes organise by their local groups and the main church;
  2. Join the PeoplePoint initiative; and
  3. Personally reaching out to non-Christians around their communities.

What are we Planning for the rest of the year?

  • Regular PeoplePoint initiative
  • Mental Wellbeing event in collaboration with Lambert South NHS in August
  • Door to Door and Prayer walk event in September

Evangelism Events

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