Clocks Fall Back

Clocks Fall Back Sunday, 30 October

Remember that your clocks fall back on Sunday, 30 October.

British Summer Time ends at 2 am that morning, returning the country to Greenwich Mean Time. You can catch the dates on the website.

Clocks Fall Back

The term ‘fall’ is an Americanism that refers to Autumn and helps remember which way the clock goes. Officially, at 2 am, the nation’s clocks are reset back to 1 am. In practice, many people set their clocks before they go to bed. Today’s modern devices and computers do this automatically. However, some things, like a clock in your car, will still need to be changed manually.

The good news is that you have an extra hour in bed! Now, there’s no reason to be late for service! Tune in 15 minutes before service to enjoy the call to worship!

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