Daily Bible Readings for Week Monday, 10 June 2024

Please see below the Daily Bible Readings for this week:


Morning: Amos 7
Evening: Amos 8

Prayer Focus: The Apostolic Church UK and Missionaries


Morning: Amos 9
Evening: 1 Peter 1

Prayer Focus: Youth and Children


Morning: 1 Peter 2
Evening: 1 Peter 3

Prayer Focus: The Body of Christ


Morning: 1 Peter 4
Evening: 1 Peter 5

Prayer Focus: The United Kingdom


Morning: 2 Peter 1
Evening: 2 Peter 2

Prayer Focus: People with Diverse Problems, Parents and Pregnant Women


Morning: 2 Peter 3
Evening: 1 Chronicles 1

Prayer Focus: The All Nations’ Centre, yourself and your family


Morning: 1 Chronicles 2
Evening: 1 Chronicles 3

Prayer Focus: Praise, Thanksgiving and Worship

Introduction to the Books of the Bible


The Book of Amos is a powerful prophetic text that delivers a strong message of social justice, divine judgment, and the need for genuine worship. Authored by Amos, a shepherd and grower of sycamore figs from Tekoa, the book addresses the Northern Kingdom of Israel during a time of apparent prosperity but moral decay.

Key messages include divine judgement, a call to repentance, authentic worship and the hope of restoration.

The Book of Amos, therefore, calls for a life that combines devout worship with righteous living, emphasizing that the two are inseparable in God’s eyes.

1 Peter

1 Peter is an Apostolic Letter written around 60 A.D. by the Apostle Peter, with key contributions from Silas and Mark. It addresses all believers, aiming to bolster those enduring suffering and persecution. The epistle calls for personal holiness and steadfast faith amidst trials, emphasizing that such adversities are to be expected in a believer’s life. It reassures the faithful of their salvation through Christ, who bore our sins on the cross, as stated, “by His wounds you were healed” (1 Peter 2:24). The latter chapters (3-5) urge believers to be ready to defend their hope with gentleness and reverence, to remain vigilant against spiritual adversaries, and to glorify God through any suffering endured.

2 Peter

2 Peter, also for a broad audience, reiterates the importance of steadfastness in faith and warns against false teachings. It encourages growth in Christian virtues and knowledge of Jesus Christ, stressing that the divine power has granted everything needed for a godly life. The epistle also reminds believers of the certainty of Christ’s return and the importance of living in anticipation of this event.

1 Chronicles

The Book of 1 Chronicles, traditionally attributed to the prophet Ezra, is a narrative of history and genealogies, covering events from 1000 to 960 B.C. It begins with extensive genealogies from Adam, through the tribes of Israel, and focuses on King David’s lineage, highlighting the continuity of God’s covenant with His people.

It reminds us of God’s sovereignty, the importance of faithful worship, and the adherence to His laws. It encourages believers to remember their heritage and live in a manner that honours the legacy of faith passed down through the ages.

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