Daily Bible Readings for Week Monday, 24 June 2024

Please see below the Daily Bible Readings for this week:


Morning: 1 Chronicles 18
Evening: 1 Chronicles 19

Prayer Focus: The Apostolic Church UK and Missionaries


Morning: 1 Chronicles 20
Evening: 1 Chronicles 21

Prayer Focus: Youth and Children


Morning: 1 Chronicles 22
Evening: 1 Chronicles 23

Prayer Focus: The Body of Christ


Morning: 1 Chronicles 24
Evening: 1 Chronicles 25

Prayer Focus: The United Kingdom


Morning: 1 Chronicles 26
Evening: 1 Chronicles 27

Prayer Focus: People with Diverse Problems, Parents and Pregnant Women


Morning: 1 Chronicles 28
Evening: Hebrews 1

Prayer Focus: The All Nations’ Centre, yourself and your family


Morning: Hebrews 2
Evening: Hebrews 3

Prayer Focus: Praise, Thanksgiving and Worship

Introduction to the Books of the Bible

1 Chronicles

The Book of 1 Chronicles, traditionally attributed to the prophet Ezra, is a narrative of history and genealogies, covering events from 1000 to 960 B.C. It begins with extensive genealogies from Adam, through the tribes of Israel, and focuses on King David’s lineage, highlighting the continuity of God’s covenant with His people.

It reminds us of God’s sovereignty, the importance of faithful worship, and the adherence to His laws. It encourages believers to remember their heritage and live in a manner that honours the legacy of faith passed down through the ages.


The Book of Hebrews presents a rich theology of Jesus Christ, emphasizing His superiority, His compassionate priesthood, and the complete salvation He provides. It encourages believers to persevere in faith, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

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