Daily Bible Readings for Week Monday 4 December

Please see below the Daily Bible Readings for this week:


Morning: Jeremiah 7
Evening: Jeremiah 8

Prayer Focus: The Apostolic Church UK and Missionaries


Morning: Jeremiah 9
Evening: Jeremiah 10

Prayer Focus: Youth and Children


Morning: Jeremiah 11
Evening: Jeremiah 12

Prayer Focus: The Body of Christ


Morning: Jeremiah 13
Evening: Jeremiah 14

Prayer Focus: The United Kingdom


Morning: Jeremiah 15
Evening: Jeremiah 16

Prayer Focus: People with Diverse Problems, Parents and Pregnant Women


Morning: Jeremiah 17
Evening: Jeremiah 18

Prayer Focus: The All Nations’ Centre, yourself and your family


Morning: Jeremiah 19
Evening: Jeremiah 20

Prayer Focus: Praise, Thanksgiving and Worship

Introduction to the Books of the Bible


Jeremiah was a prophet in the southern kingdom (Judah) during the last forty years of its existence (627-586 b.c.). He lived through the period of the disintegration of the kingdom, witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, and spent the remaining years of his life in Egypt. The book bearing his name offers the content of his messages and extensive information about the prophet during OT times.

Although more is known about Jeremiah and the circumstances concerning the book’s writing bearing his name than about the other books of the OT, numerous questions about its composition remain. In the fourth year of Jehoiakim, 605 b.c, Jeremiah was explicitly instructed to commit his messages to writing (Jer 36:1-8). Baruch was the prophet’s scribe to record that pertained to Jeremiah’s ministry, which had begun in 627 B.C. This scroll was burned by King Jehoiakim the following year.

Once more, Jeremiah was instructed to write down what had been consumed in the fire. Again, it was Baruch who served as scribe. How much the concluding notation “and many similar words were added to them” (36:32) included is difficult to ascertain. Significant also is the fact that in the year 605 b.c. Jeremiah assured Baruch that his life would be preserved through the perilous years that awaited Judah and Jerusalem as predicted in the prophet’s message, which was committed to writing (45:1-5).

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