Daily Bible Readings for Week Monday, 6 May 2024

Please see below the Daily Bible Readings for this week:


Morning: 2 Kings 10
Evening: 2 Kings 11

Prayer Focus: The Apostolic Church UK and Missionaries


Morning: 2 Kings 12
Evening: 2 Kings 13

Prayer Focus: Youth and Children


Morning: 2 Kings 14
Evening: 2 Kings 15

Prayer Focus: The Body of Christ


Morning: 2 Kings 16
Evening: 2 Kings 17

Prayer Focus: The United Kingdom


Morning: 2 Kings 18
Evening: 2 Kings 19

Prayer Focus: People with Diverse Problems, Parents and Pregnant Women


Morning: 2 Kings 20
Evening: 2 Kings 21

Prayer Focus: The All Nations’ Centre, yourself and your family


Morning: 2 Kings 22
Evening: 2 Kings 23

Prayer Focus: Praise, Thanksgiving and Worship

Introduction to the Books of the Bible

2 Kings

The Booke of 2 Kings continues the narrative of the life of Elijah, leading to him being carried up in a chariot and Elisha taking on his mantle. The many troubles that the two kingdoms face forms the backdrop for many miraculous encounters.

We witness God’s sovereignty, the role of prophets, and the consequences of obedience or rebellion. The book is a powerful reminder of God’s faithfulness and call for His people to turn back to Him, even in challenging times.

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