Daily Bible Readings for Week Monday, 8 July 2024

Please see below the Daily Bible Readings for this week:


Morning: 2 Chronicles 5
Evening: 2 Chronicles 6

Prayer Focus: The Apostolic Church UK and Missionaries


Morning: 2 Chronicles 7
Evening: 2 Chronicles 8

Prayer Focus: Youth and Children


Morning: 2 Chronicles 9
Evening: 2 Chronicles 10

Prayer Focus: The Body of Christ


Morning: 2 Chronicles 11
Evening: 2 Chronicles 12

Prayer Focus: The United Kingdom


Morning: 2 Chronicles 13
Evening: 2 Chronicles 14

Prayer Focus: People with Diverse Problems, Parents and Pregnant Women


Morning: 2 Chronicles 15
Evening: 2 Chronicles 16

Prayer Focus: The All Nations’ Centre, yourself and your family


Morning: 2 Chronicles 17
Evening: 2 Chronicles 18

Prayer Focus: Praise, Thanksgiving and Worship

Introduction to the Books of the Bible

2 Chronicles

The book of 2 Chronicles continues the religious history of God’s chosen people, focusing on David’s line and the establishment of worship in Jerusalem. It begins with Solomon’s reign, highlighting his wisdom and the construction of the Temple, a place of worship and sacrifice.

The narrative then shifts to the succession of kings, their reigns, and their fidelity (or lack thereof) to God’s laws. The book underscores the importance of obedience to God’s commandments and the consequences of disobedience, often manifested through wars, invasions, and, ultimately, exile.

The climax of 2 Chronicles is the Babylonian exile resulting from the people’s persistent disobedience. However, it ends on a hopeful note, with King Cyrus of Persia allowing the exiles to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple, symbolizing God’s unending mercy and the promise of restoration.

This book reminds readers of God’s faithfulness to His promises, the importance of obedience, and the centrality of worship in the life of the believer. It encourages readers to seek a personal relationship with God, honour Him in all aspects of life, and remain steadfast in the faith, even in times of trials and tribulations. It emphasizes that God’s love and mercy are everlasting, and He is always ready to forgive and restore those who turn back to Him.


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