ACUK Reach Prayer June 2024

Praying for all ACUK Reach Regions.

With an interview and update from Apostle Dr. Aaron Ami-Narth – TAC Ghana. Apostle Aaron thanked the group for inviting him to speak to the ACUK REACH Groups. He introduced himself and took us through his journey of becoming a full-time minister in The Apostolic Church Ghana.

He said he was a full-time medical doctor until 2015, when God called him to full-time ministry in The Apostolic Church. Apostle Aaron spoke about the challenges he faced in the early days of his ministry. He said that the church was losing many young people to other churches. This was because the older people’s ways were inflexible and unable to accommodate the younger generation. There was an old versus new language in the church. This issue was addressed by Dr Aaron Ami-Narth, starting a fellowship at the university, which caused the young people to return to The Apostolic Church again.

There had also been competition with other churches that were already well-established.

Apostle Aaron also spoke about challenges faced concerning succession planning in the leadership. Some ministers who took over from the early-day leaders did not follow some of the good practices established in the movement. He said that The Apostolic Church now has a seminary where ministers are trained for four years.

The Apostolic Church in Tema Community 5 built a seven-story building that provides a dedicated children’s ministry open to all children in the whole town of Tema—the first in the country of Ghana. The building was opened by the President of Ghana and attended by many TAC World Leaders in November 2019. All glory to God.

We prayed for God to raise God-fearing workers in this unique children’s ministry.

Dr. Aaron Ami-Narth also said he was the Vice President of The Ghana Charismatic Churches Council.

Then we went into our different ACUK Reach groups to hear updates from those regions and pray specifically.

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