Prophetic Word – I Have Called You

Sister Rhoda shared a prophetic word during the Saturday Morning Prayer meeting on Saturday, 12 November 2022.


My children, I want you to know that I’ve called you for a time like this. You have not come to My Presence by your will.

You have come because I indeed want to reform and shape you for better use. In your family, in My church, in your nation, even all over the world.

Because you are My battle axe, I have spoken to you this morning in diverse ways. I want you to check yourselves and see which one applies to you. That’s who we change without pointing of fingers. Let there be inward check, outward check, that you may be able to stand firm and receive that reward that I prepare for you.

Healing is Mine. Yes! I have perfected that which concerns you physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Because some of you are mentally sick that you do not know emotionally. I’ve come to touch you physically. I’ve come to touch you.

Let my words be established in you and bring forth the fruit of the Spirit. Yes, we are returning back to a new building. As you come in, I want you to see the Ark of Covenant, in front of you, in front of my altar, that all the benefit shall be yours. I have promised you a lot. Remember my promises and continue to wait upon it. My servant, fear not because I’m doing a new thing, and I shall bring forth. All eyes will see, and they will glorify Me.

I will remove every hindrances, obstacle that may be in My way. There will be a shaking. Only those that belong to Me shall stand firm. Remember, I have called you for such time as this. Continue to follow me, and I will continue to lead you. Read My Word. Eat My Word. Dwell in My Word, and you shall prosper, says the LORD God of Hosts.


Note: For the benefit of visitors as a church, we believe God still speaks, and that He speaks through human channels. This happens for your benefit and encouragement.

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