Saturday Morning Poetry

Members are encouraged to write and present their poetry to bring healing. These are first presented at the Saturday Morning Prayer Meeting. 

Join us on Saturdays from 8am to 10pm.

Poem for Pidgin english na from psalm 117

 Make all of una praise God from all de nation wey dey world

 Every body praise de Lord tru praya

 Praise Am tru worship and song well well

 Every tin wey you do make you put God first

 This kin act of woship dey sweet God well

 He go do plenti plenti ting for your life wey He done promise sey He go do

 Make you use your language praise Am bekos He dey hear every language

 Bekos He love us wit de love wey no dey fail

 E gud make pipol for earth praise Am

 E gud make we dey praise Am bekos He bring us comot from de dark to Him own wondaful light

 God goodness nor dey finish, e dey strong poy poy

Na me Felicity Dickson write this poem

The glass bottle with the coloured layered sand

By Bro Sheehy

I hold the bottle in my hand, the full intention of my indignation and incensed anger to pour it out, my rage at the injustice rising, a rousing response to correction, ready to raise hell; it’s not my fault, misunderstood, mistaken, mostly ignored, made ugly among mates, who masquerade but laugh at me, and you do this freely?

I stop…

Behind me the path of the whirlwind: overturning, storming, destructing, you-should-have-never-left-me-at-home-alone-ing, tears and unheard cries of unfair, I-hate-yous, why always me; overturned chairs, photos on the floor, pots turned over;

But the glass bottle with the coloured, layered sand; Once the sand leaves, it can never be put back!

Years later; anger turns to rage, provocation and response, the storm grows stronger, the whirlwind higher, each point louder, each accusation harder, words become harsher, the tongue attains to murder, each word strips a layer, until the hand is raised ready to go where there is no turning back.

Then… then, I remember, the glass bottle with the coloured, layered sand…

…and I put the stopper back.

Faith and hope in the Lord

By Felicity Dickson

When life challenges seems unfair and more than I can take

I lean on God’s promise; He weighs everyone’s load according to what we can endure

At times it seems too heavy, but with God we find strength to carry on

When the storms of life have my faith tested, I remember that the Lord is going through it with me always

My faith in the Lord is never shaken; He is not a man not to keep His promises

When I take my worries to Him in faith through prayer and not to lean on my own understanding, I find inner peace

No matter what I face in life, in you Lord I put my trust

My Grace is Sufficient

by Toyin Dada

1) When the road seems so hard
When the journey is so lonely, and friends are nowhere to be found
When the bills keep piling up and the money is not enough to pay them all off
When there is pain, trials, disappointments and frustrations on every side
Oh Lord, help me remember that I am not alone, your grace is sufficient for me 

2) When the night seems to drag on and on
When the answers to prayers seem to take so long
When the pain seems unbearable
When the tears just keep on running
Oh Lord, help me remember that your grace is sufficient for me

3) When the cross seems too heavy to carry
When the loss feels too much to bear
And life feels so empty
That all seems to be lost
Oh Lord, please help me remember that your grace is sufficient for me

4) When my mind is full of questions
For which there seems to be no answers
And all within and around me seems to cry out
Where now is your God?
Oh Lord, please help me remember that your grace is sufficient for me

5) When it seems that I have been forgotten
And all hope seems to be lost
If I am tempted to despair
And give up on my prayer and faith in God
Dear Lord, please help me remember that your grace is sufficient for me, for your strength is made perfect in my weakness.

II Corinthians 12 verses 7-9.  To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me.  But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  

How can you be your brother's keeper?

by Edwina Hobbs

Until you reach that place in knowing in the presence of God you’re His battle axe in the precious blood of His only love shared with you

Until His command to love Him above all else, seek His face, forgive others their trespasses against us and pick up His yoke and walk in faith

Then when our prayer and though life is no longer in the state of me but cast upon the altar and in His ear for His children they that are carved out in the palm of His hands

When do you love me is no longer a question but His banner lifted high reaching heaven’s ear in prayer for the rainbow of souls in the earth

When a humble spirit replaces all our anger and bitterness, strife, envy, unforgiveness and malice within, with truly going before Our Father, when I keep in mind, it’s you who is my brother, not your shortcomings, that you are still in His hands.

I choose to love you too and see you like He sees you, after all, I am still aspiring to be more like Him while timing earth.

How about when I am weak! He’s sufficient and able even then He’s got your back my brother, You’re His mighty axe on bended knees, lifting prayers in love to His ears, demolish those strongholds.

Sing His praises, we are heirs of His kingdom, His image of love in the earth. He wanted me to let you know you matter to Him, so you matter to me. You’re His but you are also mine. We share a brother, a King, a Father and friend together. You didn’t know that! Well now you know you are a keeper.

HIs Word Works

by Toyin Dada

God’s Word is Alive
God’s Word is quick
God’s Word saves
God’s Word creates
God’s Word restores
God’s Word renews
God’s Word revives
God’s Word quickens
God’s Word will not return to Him void
God and His Word are inseparable
God’s Word sustains
God’s Word protects
God’s Word guides
God’s Word preserves
God’s Word upholds
God’s Word is sufficient
God’s Word empowers
God’s Word encourages
God’s Word illuminates
God’s Word enables
God’s Word invigorates
Do you want to be saved? – Read the Word
Do you need guidance and direction – Read the Word
Do you need faith – Read the Word
Are you sick or in need of healing – read and confess the Word
Are you full of doubt – read and confess the Word
Are you feeling depressed or discouraged – Read the Word
Do you need a miracle – read the Word
Do you need faith – read the Word
Do you need victory or protection – read and confess the Word
Do you need help – read the Word
Are you facing trials, tribulations or persecutions – read the Word
Do you need joy – read the Word
Do you need courage – read the Word
Do you need stability – read the Word
Do you need comfort – read the Word
Do you need fresh oil – read the Word
Do you need wisdom – read the Word
Do you need understanding – meditate on the Word
Do you need deliverance – believe the Word 

Forever O Lord, thy Word is settled in heaven.  Psalm 119 v89

God’s Word is like Medicine
It always works.

my grace is sufficient for you,for my power is made perfect in weakness

by Sister Phillopina

“Good memories, who wouldn’t like good memories”
“Good memories causes you to burst out with a smile on your face spontaneously”
“how we would all like to dwell in this mode at all times”
“The brain  communicates with the heart, that is where all the transactions occurs”
“Good memories causes you to smile at an impulse without any warning”
“How pleasant it is when our  Hippocampus, which is a part of our brain”
“It enables us to remember positive scenarios  as well as the negative ones”
“In addition, it enables us to learn from the negative as well as the positive”
“what impact will the negative memory have, well,  perhaps to make amends I guess”
“As a child of God, I guess it is best to dwell on the positive always “

“When our Amygdala ,which is also part of the brain starts firing, this aspect of the brain reacts, freezes and wants to fight back to what has been thrown at us, usually negative words etc , however greater is He who lives in us than he who lives in the world”

“They are  the enemies of progress, who would like to associate with them” keep them at a distance, far away from you, let them continue watching in dismay” our blessings and favour will become a misty to them”

“I will do a new thing, says the Lord, now it will spring forth, would you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland (Isaiah 43:19) this is an assurance, so we should not be moved “

“As I reflect on the above scripture, I stumbled on this scripture”
“Lift up your heads oh ye gates, be lifted up you ancient doors”
“That the king of glory may come in”
“Who is this king of glory? The Lord strong and mighty”
“The Lord mighty in battle, He is the king of glory”

My Memories

by Brother Anthony

Memories, what can I say,
Times long past, of Yesterday!
Where to go, what to rem’niss,

Good or bad, the choice is mine!
Call them back: the hurt, the fine?

Do I want to cry?


We give time, too much credit!
“Give it time” they all said it!
I’m old now, you want me dead?
Before I’m healed, before I see it?

Hold those scars, hold the deceit,
Keep the hurts? They’re not for me!
I want none of it!

He was there! I didn’t know it!
He was there! Got me through it!
Felt my pain! Knew I’d make it!
He was there! T’stop the fortieth!

Hard to see – the sun with clouds,
Rose above – I see it now!
Turned from dark, to light my way,
Now I see the brightest day!
Laughter did come in my youth,
Love was seen, under the roof!
The po’er of the lie is mute!
Jesus lives, my life’s deep root!
Oh God Sees, and yes He knows
I have choice, and I will choose
Remember – the truth in this
Lonely path – alongside Him

Forgiveness erases pain
Curse to bless released to live
Hate to love, the memory fades
‘til one day, it’s gone to stay.
No more scared to bring it back!
No more scared to leave behind!
Ain’t no pain, no hard burden
I must bear, on my ownsome.
He was there, He is here now,
He will lift above the clouds.
All that’s left is now to claim
The good things, in Jesus’ name!

To forget the sunshine days
Is not mine, Is not for me!

Christ healed me,

And I choose to remember good.

My memories!

Providence – Why Me? By Theo Matthias – Download here!

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