ANC Convention 2022

ANC Convention 2022 – Ties that Bind/Banners of our God

The ANC Convention 2022 was the culmination of months of preparation and weeks of meeting up as the All Nations’ Centre family of God. This was the celebration of Ties that Bind!

The Preparation

Though the convention began on Friday, 26 August, the gathering together started much earlier. Yes, we may have closed our building for refurbishment, but we are more than a building. The Children and Youth met in Vauxhall Park in July. For some, they joined Sunday School on Zoom. The children met their classmates in person for the first time, which was a joy.

The Children’s Ministry Leader had this to say about the event:

We prayed hard for no rain to come, and God faithfully honoured that. With the sunshine and the heat, we forgot the 70% prediction of rain the weatherman forecast just a week before. Now, all we could see were: smiling faces, painted faces, young members now looking a lot older, older members still looking young, loving hugs to say, “I can’t believe I haven’t seen you in months/years”, “oh how I’ve missed you” laughter, jokes shared with such passion, success and wins told with intricate detail. The event reunited the church family. That was the plan, and the mission was evidently being accomplished. Good vibes were everywhere. The months & years apart were being claimed back!

When you entered the park, it was hard to miss us. You just had to follow the music blaring out; follow the sight of clusters of Church families being reunited; follow the joy, laughter and excitement of competing in the mini sports… for all ages; to follow the vibrant colours and artwork on the painted faces; to follow the sunshine gracing us in our fellowship. After our jam/packed afternoon in the park, the children, youth, parents, and organisers agreed on one thing… We need more of this… we need more socials. And more has been promised in due time. So watch this space! Fellowship ticked!

Ladies and Men’s events

This was to be the first of many events preceding the convention. The Ladies ministry followed with an event for women in Orpington Village Hall.

Key to the event’s success was the willingness of the women to come together and the zeal and love of the ANC Ladies Ministry leaders. Many testimonies were given regarding how effective this event was in bringing the women together.

The Men’s event followed this a couple of weeks later. The men gathered at Hollywood Bowl in Surrey Quay to display their bowling prowess. There was an evident buzz afterwards when they gathered at a nearby restaurant to eat and talk. Once again, we heard from the men how important it was to gather together.

These events ultimately lead to the conclusion – the Ties that Bind are essential! We may each come under a different banner, but we all belong to one family!

ANC Convention 2022

The convention celebrations began with a day of prayer and fasting. We gathered for 30 minutes every two hours online to pray over various banners of the Lord. We met from 6 am to 6 pm in the discipline of prayer and fasting. It was a powerful time of corporate prayer and the breaking of strongholds. Prayer changes our world, and we look forward to the testimonies resulting in the coming months!

Next was our Fun Day. Though we planned to use a nearby park, the grounds of the Ark Academy proved to be a great location with facilities to suit all tastes. From basketball, football, badminton and table tennis to board games and a keep fit session led by Pastor Bajomo. The event blessed all who attended in person. People who had not seen one another greeted each other with happy hugs.

Convention Sunday Service

The Rev Canon Les Isaac headlined our Convention Sunday Service.

He reminded us that there is someone who knows our griefs and sorrows and is willing to help us go through the grieving process. He is there to help us come through the pain stronger and fitter for the master’s use and His glory! Pastor Les’s powerful sermon is available to listen to on Spotify!



It has been an arduous journey these past couple of years. We discovered how important each one is to the other! We need one another, and we need Jesus in our lives!

The Celebration Event closed the Convention with a reminder of all the important things: The Ties that Bind us together in God! Watch this video to see the events this article mentions, and listen to the testimonies of those who attended.

What is your banner? What group are you going to contribute to? The most important thing to do in your life is to get involved! There are opportunities to serve in many ministries in the All Nations’ Centre – Multi-Media (Writers, Content Creators, Social Media Motivators), Sunday School and Ark Youth Ministry – forming the upcoming generation, Cell and other group involvement, Evangelism (consider the Turning event in September), Lighthouse Education Service, Prayer Meetings!

There is a place for the gifts that God has given you in the All Nations’ Centre to expand and enhance His Kingdom. Visit our website and get in touch. Join the Saturday Morning Prayer meeting – a training and seeding ground for those who desire to be more. Pray with the prayer powerhouse that is the ANC War Room. Find a local Cell Group and take part.

Get involved. Become family. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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