Return to In-Person Service

Return to In-Person Services – Sunday, 2 April

The All Nations’ Centre will return to in-person services on Sunday, 2 April.

Return to In-Person Services

Announcing the news during the 26 February worship service, Pastor Abraham Sackey made the announcement on the newly carpeted stage. Due to the need to complete the final repairs, the builders have only partially handed over the building. This means we can meet on Sundays, but not during the week when workers are still present.

Pastor said, “We plan to return in a gentle manner. This means services will start with a prayer meeting at 9.15 am (editor: now changed to 9.30 am!) and then the main service from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. Please note that the congestion charge starts at 12 noon. These plans are subject to review, but please note that from 2 April 2023, we would have fully returned to in-person services. Please let this be firmly established in your mind.

“We encourage all to endeavour to return to in-person service and fellowship as part of our Christian service and testimony. However, we will provide some form of online service.”

The full announcement can be read and listened to by clicking the image below:

Return to In-Person Service

We look forward to seeing you in the church in April.

Help Needed

There is a need for manual labour to prepare the building for the church. Chairs will need to be set up. Materials need to be stored away properly.

Contact the Church office or leadership to offer your help!

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