Return to In-Person Service

Return to In-Person Service

God willing we will return to in person service on Sunday, 2 April 2023.

Before we proceed any further with this update we would like to express our profound gratitude to Almighty God who has been with us all the journey through. Be exalted O Lord above the heavens, let your glory be over all the earth. Amen.

Please kindly note that we will be returning on the basis of a partial handover of the building from the contractor. This means we are returning to a refurbished building that still has the following works to be done:

  1. New spiral staircase on the first floor
  2. Moveable partition walls on the first floor
  3. External doors to be replaced
  4. Roof in the foyer just above the entrance to the men’s toilet to be repaired

Until these outstanding works have been completed, access and use of the building will only be on Sundays. We estimate this taking about eight weeks to complete. We will then be in the position to issue a further update.

We plan to return in a gentle manner. This means services will start with a prayer meeting at 9:15 am and then the main service from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. Please note that congestion charge starts at 12 noon. These plans are subject to review but please note that from 2 April 2023 we would have fully returned to in per services. Please let this be firmly established in your mind.

We encourage all to endeavour to return to in person service and fellowship as part of our Christian service and testimony. However, we will provide some form of online service.

We will now need to get into the practice of being ready to be in Church on time. Amongst other things, this will mean getting clothing ready on Saturday night, waking up early on Sunday mornings etc. O praise the Lord.

The staffing of the office and amenities will be provided in due courses.

Please be good enough to inform family members, friends and contacts that the All Nations Centre, The Apostolic Church is now putting into practice her proclamation of returning “Stronger and fitter for the Master’s use and for His glory”.

Please now consider donating to the building project by means of Gift Aid if you are a tax payer in the UK. Please now begin to contribute to the financial wellbeing of the ANC by means of Gift Aid if you are a tax payer in the UK. You will do this by requesting a Gift Aid form which can be found on our website shortly. You may be interested in knowing that your friends and relatives of goodwill towards God and man are already doing this.

Please begin now to fast and pray asking the Lord Jesus Christ to grant us His Divine Presence, powerful visitations of the Holy Spirit in our refurbished sanctuary. Pray for and desire goodwill towards all people as we begin our services on 2 April 2023. Let us soak our return to in person service in prayer. We will do this by breathing out prayers to God at every opportunity; day and night. He has promised to hear and to answer us when we diligently seek His presence and His power.

A formal reopening service will be held when all the work is completed.

Once again we offer incense of gratitude, praise and adoration for His keeping power.

Jesus Christ is Lord



If you have any questions, please use the contact us form.

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