Connected to Christ

Connected to Christ, Empowered and Led by The Spirit

THEME: I Will Build My Church – Are you connected to Christ, empowered and led by The Spirit? Jesus’s statement, “I will build My Church”, has far-reaching consequences, personal and corporate. What does it mean for you as individuals and as families?

Key Scripture: John 15:1-8

The Church belongs to Jesus. It is unstoppable, indestructible and unbeatable because Jesus is the master builder! This contrasts with the devil, who comes to kill and destroy. Jesus’s intention is that we have life and life to the full!

What do you do to be a part of this unstoppable Church? Find out by listening to the sermon:

Sermon Notes


Take time to listen to this reflection by Pastor Abraham Sackey, and consider and pray about what you hear!

I Will Build My Church

Connected to Christ, Empowered and Led by The Spirit

We are counting down the days until we return to in-person services at a newly refurbished All Nations’ Centre.

The Lord wants us to be a part of the building of His Church. If you would like to get involved please get in touch with the church office, and someone will be in touch. There is plenty to do. There will be more when we return to worshipping at the All Nations’ Centre.

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