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How to Make Wise Decisions

Pastor Victor Jibuike provided key Wisdom principles that would help men make wise decisions at the Men of Wisdom conference, May 2023.

Key Scriptures: Proverbs 4:7, Proverbs 24:14, Ecclesiastes 7:12

For Apostolic men, this was an opportunity to discover powerful truths. Many forces inside and outside are vying for our attention, promising quick rewards. However, such worldly wisdom fails to satisfy the soul, often resulting in broken relationships. Long term, it will destroy us. Pastor Victor gave us step-by-step gems to transform our thinking and lives and bless our families. Most of all, we would greatly benefit the Kingdom of God.

How to Make Wise Decisions

Click here to download the message notes. Listen to Pastor’s message to find out more.

Testimony, Discussion and Prayer

The meeting started with praise and testimony. After the message, we gave an opportunity for the men’s leaders to pray for anyone who felt the need. The ANC Ladies provided a delicious lunch. Finally, we presented the results of the pre-lunch deliberations on Luke 16:1-12 and then prayed for ourselves out of what we had learned.

Overall, the men had much joy in today’s fellowship.

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