Nearly There - A Progress Report

Nearly There – A Progress Report

We are nearly there. A progress report on the refurbishment project.

The All Nations’ Centre refurbishment has resumed from the Christmas break. Progress has been astounding, as you can see from the following video. The plumbers have fully plumbed the bathroom, and we are now only waiting for the carpet fitters to lay the carpet on the new stage for it to be complete. There are still several steps to complete. Inspections will be needed to confirm the work is to a sufficient standard to allow the public to enter the building, for example.

As reported before, when the builders uncover unexpected finds, it causes delays. The builders discovered water seeping up into the bathrooms, causing the flooring to lift. The builders resolved the issue with damp proofing. Unfortunately, they discovered more groundwater in the main hall. You can see the trench they dug to discover and remediate the source of water in that part of the building. If we do not fix it now, it will spoil the building in the years to come and cost more money in the long term.

Watch this video and, as Pastor says in the video, “We are nearly there – Continue to Pray!”

Nearly There – A Progress Report

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