Be Renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind

Be Renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind

THEME: Recovering the Heart of True Christian Ministry and Service – Be renewed in the spirit of your mind as we approach the return to in-person service: Do you have the right mindset and attitude to engage in God’s ministry and service? When you minister or serve, do you have that mindset engaged and on display?

Coming back to in-person service allows us to do things differently.

Key text: Ephesians 4:20-24

Christians must renew their minds—renewing: A continuous and progressive renewal from the old state into the new mindset. Our mindset determines how we act. This is why we should guard our hearts. The condition of our mindset affects the quality of the service we give to give to those around us.

What specific things do we need to address? Listen to the sermon for the answers!

Sermon Notes

Reflection: Reborn to Serve

Reborn to Serve

Be Renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind

We meet online on Sundays because we are refurbishing the All Nations’ Centre. (Click here to find out more) Avoid missing a service by subscribing to our YouTube channel. We encourage you to turn up early for the Sunday service and contribute by commenting, liking, and sharing the service on your various social media channels. You never know if you might change the destiny of your friends, colleagues and family.

Check out the announcements for this week! We are still meeting in person in our Cell and Prayer Groups. Find the one closest to you and join in.

Reminder: Today is Remembrance Sunday!

We remember those who gave their lives to preserve our freedoms, and take time to pray for peace around the world.

Today is also Missionary Sunday.

Not only do we remember those who have given their lives to keep us safe, we also remember those who have given up their lives to save souls. We pray that the Gospel of Peace will surround the globe until the day that the Jesus returns and makes war a memory (Isaiah 2:4.) Remember to give towards the missionary work and pray for our missionaries and the work of Action Overseas – The Apostolic Church UK missionary arm.

Missionary Report for November 2022

Our new Declaration for this Season

Reflect and declare this over your life and your family’s life:

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