November refurbishment progress update

November Refurbishment Progress Update

What a difference a month makes! Here is your November refurbishment progress update.

In our last update, we talked of the platform built to house the ventilation units (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery or MVHR units for short.) This platform sits above the main hall.

Engineers have installed the MVHR units. This will be the last time we see them in the light. The contractors will be sound-proofing and enclosing the platform to ensure they do not interrupt the service below while providing fresh air around the building. A lot of the work that has been done will be invisible once we return to the building. No one wants to see electrical cabling, ventilation ducts and networking cables on the walls. They will be buried in the walls and ceilings. Instead, you will gaze upon clean, fresh walls, ceilings and floors in a building with modern facilities.

Talking of clean walls, the Sunday School room has had a fresh coat of paint. The bricks and plaster walls are now all the same colour! Work has moved upstairs to the attic space. A dozen men and women of the ANC braved rain, dust and mud to remove our possession from the storage in the attic area. Those who come to record services will now use the Sunday School room, breathing a sigh of relief!

The stage!

At last, the main hall is starting to show a little shape!

The framework for the stage area is being laid. Do you remember what this is going to look like? We have the artist’s impression from last year.

A very exciting time awaits us. Are you ready to return? The newly refurbished building awaits newly refurbished hearts. Your place of service is being prepared. Get ready!

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