Intention Pronouncement Performance

God’s Intention, His Pronouncement and His Performance

Theme – I Will Build My Church: Can you trust God’s Intention, Pronouncement and Performance? Jesus said, “I will build my Church!” as a statement of intent. Can you trust Him to do it?

Key Scripture: Matthew 11:13-19

Discover God’s credentials and ability to do what He says He will do!

Reflection: Prayer Pictures

Take time to listen and reflect on what Pastor Abraham Sackey brings to us.

Prayer Pictures

God’s Intention, His Pronouncement and His Performance

We have been worshipping online whilst we refurbish the All Nations’ Centre. The builders work is nearly completed. Accordingly, we will have our first in-person service on Sunday, 2 April, 2023. Did you catch the announcement? If not, click on the image below:

Return to In-Person Service

The Lord wants us to be a part of the building of His Church. Therefore, if you would like to get involved please get in touch with the church office, and someone will be in touch. There is plenty to do now maintaining the weekly services and the cell groups. Similarly, there will be more work for you to do once we return to worshipping in-person in the All Nations’ Centre.

We are nearly there, therefore keep praying!

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