Heed the Warning

Heed the Warning

THEME: Recovering the Heart of True Christian Ministry and Service – Will you heed the warning? Before you discover or rediscover the heart of true Christian Ministry and Service, must you first know the God to whom service is being provided? When Moses and Aaron approached Pharoah, he refused their request with the words, “Who is the Lord that I should let Israel go?” If he only knew! Do you? This question is being asked more and more these days. You may be asking it yourself.

Key Scripture: Hebrews 12:25-29

“For our God is a consuming fire.” You have been warned! Does your behaviour, to your wife, your workplace, and your community, acknowledge this consuming fire?

Remember, we are not in a wilderness, suffering outside the building. Instead, we must see this period of absence from the building as an opportunity to

  • reassess
  • recalibrate
  • re-evaluate, and
  • reposition

ourselves. Challenged? Continue to listen to Pastor Abraham Sackey as he calls you on to more excellent knowledge of the Lord.

Sermon Notes


Take time to reflect and listen to this short reflection. Then pray about what you have heard. This is our God – the God of the second chance!

The God of the Second Chance

Heed the Warning

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Our new Declaration for this Season

Reflect and declare this over your life and your family’s life:

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