Mini-Workshop April 2022

Prostate Health and Retirement Planning

The April 2022 Men’s Mini-Workshop cum conference covered the subjects of prostate health and retirement planning. The event took place on Saturday, 30 April 2022. We advertised the event across the London Area Churches. A total number of 47 men attended. It was a reasonable turnout for a sunny bank holiday weekend packed with many social engagements.

The subject matters covered in the two workshop sessions were:

  • Retirement & long-term investment (Presented by Mr Emmanuel Asuquo -Qualified Financial Advisor)
  • Prostate Health (Presented by Dr Olugbenga Sofowora-Qualified Obstetrician & Gynaecologist)


Our guest speakers, Mr Emmanuel Asuquo and Dr Olugbenga Sofowora did brilliantly. They broke down and presented their subject matters clearly, easy to follow. It was a value-added, information-packed session. Each presentation was followed by a lively and engaging session of Q&A. The event left everyone with plenty of food for thought to carry away and reflect upon.


Emmanuel Asuquo encouraged us that it is never too late to start planning and saving for the future. Many financial products and a wealth of information are available. Therefore, don’t be afraid to seek and pay for financial advice. Indeed, it is better to know that you will have enough to enjoy your retirement than to be short.

Dr Olubenga conveyed that the Prostate gland will expand as we grow older. You can manage the effects of this enlargement with a good diet. Also, regular health check-ups help your doctor report and treat any significant problem (such as prostate cancer, an increasing frequency of toilet usage, etc.) as soon as possible.


Attendees expressed their appreciation for the topical and very pertinent nature of the chosen subject areas. Also, they said how fortunate they were to receive the wealth of information presented. The information provided would cost much if they were to see the same from these experts on a one-to-one consultancy basis.

Many cannot wait for the next Mini-conference in November.


Prostate health and retirement planning is something all men should be informed about. Consequently, the event is available to review on YouTube:

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