refurbishment progress update

Refurbishment Progress Update

It has been nearly six months, and it is time to give another refurbishment progress update.

As the refurbishment project’s completion approaches, many more features and spaces are beginning to show off their final looks. In this update, we will be focusing on the Sunday School room and the ventilation system. Many of the works that our contractor, Ash Contracting, has completed so far are things that we will not see. This includes electricals, fire safety, audio/video and networking. When you get back to in-person services, you might notice some things, like better wireless coverage, but these essentials will be embedded in the structure of the building.


The Sunday School area has received its flooring. The new flooring makes the whole space look much more significant. You can also see the new ceiling in place.


Ventilation is an integral part of the process. Gone are the individual, noisy air conditioning units. In are the Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery or MVHR units for short. These units take stale, humid air from inside the building, extract the heat from the air and add that heat to dry, fresh air from outside. Known for being very cheap to run, these units will ensure the building will be a comfortable place to visit. This system will prevent mould and damp and assure visitors to the ANC of a fresh, comfortable air supply.

Three units will be installed in the roof space over the Worship Area. The mounting platform is now in place.

Ash will soundproof the installation, so you will not even know they are there. The whole structure is attached to the building’s frame.

Note: To get the most up to date information on the construction, follow Ash Contracting Ltd on Instagram.

What’s next?

The new downstairs kitchen, toilets with shower units, the stage and auditorium, and the entire downstairs flooring are still in progress.

Do you remember what we hoped it to be? Click here to check out the original architect’s designs!

Be a part of this project!

Eventually, we will seek help getting our possessions out of storage and back into the building. Will you be a part of making that happen? Listen out for announcements in the coming weeks, and don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of this historic project!

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