Serving God Acceptably

Serving God Acceptably

Theme: Recovering the Heart of True Christian Ministry and Service – What does it mean: serving God Acceptably? What stops your service from being ‘acceptable’ before God? What can you do about it?

Key scriptures: Romans 12:1-12, Joshua 24:15

You can say you want to serve God, but is it worth the effort without the “Acceptably”? Do you pay attention to what God desires? Does your service considerate of God’s desires? Are you serving on God’s terms?

It’s not a natural thing to serve God naturally. We have to learn. The Children of Israel had to learn the same lessons as those in Rome to whom Paul wrote. God is the one who sets the standard, not man. How do we learn acceptable service? What does it look like? Continue listening to Deaconess Tope Aiyere to find out:

Sermon Notes

Reflection: A prayer invoking blessings

A Prayer Invoking Blessings for You

Serving God Acceptably

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Our new Declaration for this Season

Reflect and declare this over your life and your family’s life:

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