Returning to the All Nations' Centre

Return to the All Nations’ Centre

We have nearly completed the refurbishment and are preparing to return to the All Nations’ Centre. What is this building, and how and why should we respect it?

Reaching People, Transforming Lives

This is our motto as a group of people who occupy the Centre. It gives us an insight into our God-given purpose.

Reaching people is our lifestyle. Being part of The Apostolic Church in the UK, we are a mission-focused movement. We aim to reach out to the people around us and do that with God’s Love. Part of that mission involves bringing them to a place of communal worship.

It is true that we could do that in any building large enough to accommodate us, but there are drawbacks to not having a dedicated space. When a space is used for base purposes (raves, yoga, worship of other gods), those activities leave remnants that distract and detract from the purposes of God. Competing spiritual realms cause a conflict of purpose and confusion. We want people who come to the Centre to be clear that they are walking into a space dedicated to the Worship of God and the benefit of His people.

Many examples in the Bible speak of God being jealous of the use of worship spaces. Therefore we do not debate the wisdom of the Bible in that regard. Our one desire is for all people to be transformed to prove God’s good, acceptable and perfect will. For this reason, we dedicate ourselves and the building we use to that purpose.

Respecting the Building

With our purpose in mind, and considering that a great number of us have invested in the refurbishment, we are asking visitors to the Centre to refrain from certain behaviours out of respect. It goes without saying that smoking, vaping and other forms of addictive behaviour stay outside the Centre. Such behaviour is widely known to be self-destructive. We are here to help you break such behaviour and, by doing so, help you achieve so much more. You can get help with breaking addiction here. We also have church officers who can help signpost you to local services.

We understand that it may be necessary for those with certain conditions or with young children to bring food to the Centre. To exclude all food and drink would be to exclude those who may be most in need. However, we do ask that those who are healthy and well refrain themselves from eating and drinking in the main carpeted auditorium. Water coolers and cups are provided in the hallways for those who need water during the service. Please do not feel any way about getting up to get water if it is needed.

We understand why some people might want to use gum, especially during a period of fasting. We ask that you refrain from chewing gum during the service and perhaps to use mints instead. If you do bring chewing gum into the building, please dispose of it hygienically in the bins provided. You will not believe the amount of gum we have found stuck to the bottom of chairs. Such habits as sticking gum to seats and spitting spread disease and are completely out of place in and around the centre. Please ask our ushers if you need a tissue.

A Beacon for the Gospel

Considering our purpose, the All Nations’ Centre must be a beacon of the Love of God and the Gospel.

This means that we do our best to treat the building, and one another, with respect, both inside the building and outside. We have many neighbours who are watching us. For this reason we continue not parking on Tyers Terrace. Inside, if you damaged something, please report it to an usher so that it can be repaired. Most of all, treat one another with respect above yourself.

In the main carpeted hall, we will be televising all services. We also take photos to promote the Gospel and the services of the All Nations’ Centre. Other than children (who require the consent of parents or guardians,) all adults who take part in the service are taken to understand that they may be filmed or photographed during the service. Those photographs or videos may appear on our website, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, and on any media channels we may use in future.

We understand that we cannot film, photograph and publish some people’s faces for their safety. For that reason, we have designated the overflow area as a no-filming zone. If you cannot, or do not want us to film or photograph you for the promotion of the Gospel, please use the overflow area, safe in the knowledge that we will keep your attendance anonymous. Accordingly, we ask that those who only have an objection give way to those who have a genuine need.

Filming and photography takes place for one purpose only, to the end that it might Glorify God. If, after the event, you find your image online and must have it removed, please contact the Church Office.

One more thing about filming. We have fitted CCTV throughout the public areas of the Centre. The purpose of these cameras is to reduce crime. We will never use footage from CCTV cameras in social media or promotions. We will only ever use it for crime prevention. If you have become a victim of crime whilst in the Centre, please approach one of the Ushers who will alert the church officers.

May Your End be the Glory of God!

The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament shows His handiwork. – Psalm 19:1

The end of all this is so that we, as a people, may Glorify God and show what we have become – a people of disparate origins, beliefs and colours, now united in one purpose.

The All Nations’ Centre returns to in-person service on Sunday, 2 April. We do hope that you will join us! We expect it to be a wonderful reunion!

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